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Written by Lucas Lira Gomes at

I have been an enthusiast of ZeroMQ for quite some time. If there was an opportunity that required some sockets on steroids, I would not think twice. Ah, how those three messaging pattern were useful (i.e. Request/Reply, Push/Pull, Publish/Subscribe). They had the amazing trait of being able to drastically streamline the development of distributed systems. And its portability, with wrappers for more than 30 languages, brokerlessness and amazing documentation made it a no brainer for me to favour ZeroMQ over other messaging alternatives.
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Moving to Pelican

Written by Lucas Lira Gomes at

For quite some time, my blog has not received the attention that I would like to give it. However, as my undergraduation approaches its end, I decided to rebuild it as a static website, instead of continue using blogger. The motivation was twofold. First, provide me more control over my own blog. Second, learn more about web technologies (i.e. HTML, CSS, JS) in the way. So, that’s it. Hope you can find some interesting posts here in the near future o/.
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