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On Integration Testing and Microservices

Written by Lucas Lira Gomes at

Some weeks ago I was asked how to properly do integration testing in a microservices environment. At that time, I was aware that testing basic behaviour with integration tests was not a smart move. Guaranteeing compatibility among services’ interfaces, however, was something I could see the value of. The dos and don’ts, in such effort, were not familiar to me, though. Therefore, I decided to dive in and find some answers.
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Pythonic interfaces in Go Generators

Written by Lucas Lira Gomes at

One of the amazing things about Python is that once you embody the so called Zen of Python, no matter which language you are using, the philosophy will prevail. Or, in other words, even if you are learning the Go language, the extent of the pythonistas’ ethos will probably find its way in. So, in order to contextualise a bit, this post will dwell on the implementation of a lazy list evaluation mechanism, equivalent to Python’s generators, in the Go language.
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Connected, but still not interoperable

Written by Lucas Lira Gomes at

Cisco call it the Internet of Everything (IoE), most players would rather name it the Internet of Things (IoT) and, although less common, you probably heard the term the Industrial Internet too. And if you ever read any post or whitepaper about one of those buzzwords, especially those written by big players in the market (e.g. Cisco, IBM), you probably saw a trend in depicting scenarios where your things (e.g. car, appliances, lighting, HVAC) are interconnected and, somehow, interacting among themselves independently of human interference.
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